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Feel Like Yourself Again:
how to heal and recover from injury, surgery & illness

The Everyday Person’s Handbook for self-renewal. To get and sustain optimal health, use my comprehensive, preventive program. *Download FREE Kindle Reader APP and read it on any device!

Normal healthy lifestyle:
water, rest, sunshine, exercise, good food, balance of work & play.

Discover a Lifestyle of the Rich in Vitality:
physical cleansing, sexual invigoration, emotional release, mental focusing, and spiritual connectedness.

Learn to cleanse your body, increase lymph node circulation, improve sleep, reduce mucus & inflammation, lose weight effortlessly, dissolve scars, build a holistic health team, and more. Are you secretly wondering if your health will hold out as long as your dreams? Discover how to consistently re-charge your BodyMindSpirit, with simple, effective, time-proven ideas you can weave easily into daily life!


I am an expert at finding the missing pieces in your health care, on a treasure hunt to resolve mysterious imbalances, and can give an overall perspective.

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I promise! You will…

Marci Javril, Massage Therapist

…feel better about yourself every day, wake up more energized, learn to soften new or old scars and restrictions, have a stronger immune system, more harmony in your endocrine and central nervous systems, experience better sleep and digestion, mental clarity, ease and deepening in your breathing and lung capacity, develop a more compassionate self-image, confidence in your health program, motivation to keep it up, and to radiate gratitude.

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